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The making of the 1964 Constitution

Afghanistan 1964 | Rishtya Sayed Qassem

  • The first Afghan attempt at democracy as experienced from within

    Discovering a forgotten key page of the modern history of Afghanistan

    As early as 1964, Afghanistan endowed itself with a democratic Constitution based on an english model. Nobody has ever uttered a word about it! At that time, Afghan women seated in parliament, sporting occidental attire. Kaboul, the capital, housed four foreign universities.

    In short, Afghanistan - the only non-christianized and non-colonized country of Asia - did not look at all like what we currently think of it...

    In order to reveal this hidden page of their past to young exiled Afghans, Leila Enayat-Seraj translated the diaries of her father, one of the artisans of this major political evolution in her country.
    15.5 x 22.5 cm, 252 pages, ISBN: 2-940251-11-8
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